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Fully Rebuilt Diesel Engines

Here at FPS, we guarantee that you will receive a fully remanufactured engine. We test and run every engine before it leaves our premises to ensure it is running at peak efficiency. Whether you send us an engine to rebuild or have us source one to rebuild for you, providing you with a quality remanufactured engine is our top priority. Every engine we build comes with a worldwide warranty. We crate every engine ourselves to ensure safety and security upon arrival to you. We handle the logistics for you, and upon completion your engine will be shipped directly back to you. When we remanufacture your diesel engine, we do the following:

  • Rebuild Turbos
  • Rebuild Cylinder Head(s)
  • Re-machine or Replace All Blocks & Cranks
  • Switch Over All Hard Parts (e.g. Manifolds, Oil Pan, Rear Housing, Valve Covers, Engine Control Module)
  • Test and/or Replace Injectors
  • Replace All Wearable Parts (e.g. Oil Pump, Water Pump, Cylinder Kits, Thermostat, Gear Bushing, Rod Bushing, Crank Seals, Rod, Main Bearing)

Upon request, we replace the fuel, lift, and injection pumps.

Models We Remanufacture

Caterpillar Detroit Cummins

Machine Shop Services

If you don't need a complete engine rebuilt, but you are looking for someone reliable to re-machine your blocks, heads, or cranks, you have come to the right place. Give us a call and find out what our machine shop team can do for you.

Machine One Machine Three Machine Four
Machine Two